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Athletic Hall of Fame

Nominate someone for the Raiders Athletic Hall of Fame and see the complete list of honorees.

The Athletic Hall of Fame was established to honor alumni and former staff or coaches who have had a significant impact on the athletic programs at St. Matthew Lutheran. After the inaugural year, no more than three inductees may be inducted annually. Each inductee will be presented with an award and listed on a master plaque prominently displayed at St. Matthew Lutheran. Hall of Famers must have graduated from St. Matthew Lutheran at least 7 years prior or be former coaches or staff who served at St. Matthew Lutheran for at least seven years. Nominees must demonstrate the following:

  • Consistent respect for and loyalty to St. Matthew Lutheran.
  • Strong record of Christian character and citizenship.
  • Substantial athletic achievement at the college, state, national, or international level.
  • An outstanding competitive career in Raiders athletics

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