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Reading / Language Arts

the study of grammar, composition, spelling, and writing


The students will be introduced to reading, writing, listening, and public speaking. We use a literature-based curriculum that uses a variety of fiction and nonfiction, to review skills such as identifying characters, story setting, story retelling, first and third-person voices (narration), making predictions, comparing and contrasting, problem/solutions within the story, and the author’s purpose. We will practice identifying alphabet letters and their sounds. The students will engage in whole group reading as well as receiving short stories to strengthen reading skills at home. Our school uses the VoWac curriculum, (a well-researched Orton-Gillingham approach) which covers one letter a week, along with sight words to strengthen writing skills. In addition to letters, they will be practicing writing their first and last names and short sentences. They will have opportunities to listen to stories and discuss what they’ve learned or shared a connection they were able to make with the story. They will learn how to listen and when to respond, so everyone receives a chance to be heard. There are two reports they will be working on as a class. One will be a research paper and the other will be a family history project. When the projects are completed, each student will be presenting their contributions (one- three, well-practiced sentences) out loud, one at a time, for the class to hear. This will serve as their introduction to public speaking. The whole class will have an opportunity to respond as a gracious audience and ask a few questions. Language Arts is a critical part of a student’s future success in school and we want to provide the best for your student.

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