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the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world.


Our school uses the Savvas: Elevate science curriculum which uses science standards to guide student-centered learning experiences. The students will cover three basic areas: Physical science, Earth science, and Life science. In Physical science, students will get to set up and demonstrate what a push and pull is, by using objects prepared for them to use. They will also learn to identify matter and use this as a building block for other concepts in physical science. For Earth science, students will learn about how sunlight is an important source of energy and how it is used. We’ll also be talking about and observing the weather and how it affects the earth and the environment. In Life science, the students will be studying the needs of living things (plants, animals, and people) and how the environment plays a role in each of their development. We will also be studying the human body, to learn about the brain, digestive, and circulatory systems to have a better understanding of this gift that God gave us.