Find ways on how to serve the Community and the Church


Sundays 9am and/or 11:15am Services

FOH Sound Technician

To produce the best possible atmosphere for worship through sound reinforcement. This includes, but is not limited to, creating the best front of house (FOH) music mix possible, creating an audio mix that meets the mood the pastor/worship leader wants to convey, and supporting the audio needs of the people involved with the church service. Ultimately, glorifying God through providing excellent audio services.

Slides Operator

To project songs and liturgy on video screen during worship so that people can sing and participate in worship under the direction of the worship leader.

Video Technician

To produce a live video feed for distribution to displays AND for Live Broadcast (live-stream) over YouTube and our website


The job of the host/greeter is two-fold. The first part is to go up to people as they enter the sanctuary to greet them and see how they are doing. The second part is to make the announcements throughout the service to the congregation. We are looking for someone who likes talking and is able to tell stories to help communicate any announcements we have.

Welcome Center

The welcome center is key for our next-steps. This is where you go for information or a drink of coffee and donut. We are looking for friendly people who enjoy helping others who need to help with either information about the church, school, or how to sign up for automatic giving and many more items that impact our church and school.


We are especially looking for Middle school and high school youths to help out with acolyting, but anyone can be part of this ministry. An acolyte will be needed during the opening song/hymn and closing song/hymn. They will light and extinguish the candles as needed.


During school Days

In addition to our Custodial Crew we are looking for people to help in:

Cleaning Bathrooms

Although not glamrous, we need help in this area each and every day. The duties include cleaning our four bathrooms, scrubbing as needed, and mopping the floor. We will work around your time to help. Currently, we need someone on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Cleaning the Church

The church needs to be ready for worship each Sunday, we are asking for help to clean (vacuum, mop, and dust) each Friday. During Advent and Lent we could use someone on Wednesday afternoons as well.

Cleaning the offices

Description coming soon.