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Social Studies

the study of history, people, or society.


Our Social Studies curriculum explores the following topics: Our Past, Our Earth, Our Government, Working in our Community, and Citizens in Our Community. The students will explore their past (pre-school days) and how they’ve grown since coming to kindergarten. They’ll learn about our planet Earth and how God has provided us with what we need. They’ll also talk about why it is important to take care of the planet we have. We’ll talk about the purpose of government and how a democracy works. The students will identify where they live (their community) and learn about how many people and cultures live in the same place. We’ll look at businesses and how they work. We will be able to describe wants and needs and why they are important. Lastly, we will learn about how being citizens in our community requires us to participate in helping to make our world a better place. Recycling, donating food or clothing to those who need it are opportunities our school can provide to help others and our community.