Tuition and Registration Fees

How much does it cost to attend St. Matthew?

At St. Matthew we know that it can be a sacrifice to afford tuition and other fees related to attending St. Matthew. For over 70 years the congregation of St. Matthew Lutheran Church has put an emphasis in the ministry of a day school. We are blessed that the Congregation puts most of the financial burden on its own members through weekly tithing and givings.

Early Learning Center (Preschool) Tuition and information is located here

Registration Fees

One Child - $400

Two Children - $450

Three or More Children - $500

Registration will be accepted on 60-day probation and all outstanding balances from the previous school year must be paid in full before registration is final. Each registration includes one yearbook and one theme T-shirt for each student enrolled per family. Technology Fee: $125 for each child enrolled with a max of $250 per family.

Technology Fee is used towards the yearly maintenance fees for our online grading and record-keeping systems. It is also used to enhance the infrastructure and hardware of our wi-fi, inter/intranet, and the purchase of new technologies.

Each family is required to donate 12 hours of service to promote fellowship and ownership at St. Matthew. In lieu of working all 12 volunteer hours, a family can choose to make a once-yearly payment of $600.

SCRIP is just one of the ways we keep costs down. We require all families to pledge to earn at least $100 in profits from our SCRIP/Kroger Rewards programs. After you reach your $100 in profits, we will credit your account 50% of any extra money earned in profits. This credit may be used to pay for tuition, lunch, or latchkey. Parents will be charged the balance of what is not earned if families do not profit at least $100.


The Cost of education is $7,900. The congregation of St. Matthew believes in the school and has named it one of the major ways we reach out to the community. With the generosity of the congregation, we are able to keep our tuition as low as possible.

1st Child - $3,600

2nd Child - $3,100

3rd Child - $1,500

4th or more Children - $0

Tuition Payment Schedule

We know tuition is a sacrifice and not all families can pay upfront even though Tuition is due in full. We are generous in our options for families to be able to give.

One Payment Plan - 5% Discount (Due July 1st)

  • 1 Child - $3,420
  • 2 Children - $6,365
  • 3 or more Children - $7,790

Two Payments Plan (Due July 1 and December 1)

  • 1 Child - $1,800
  • 2 Children - $3,350
  • 3 or more Children - $4,100

Ten Payments Plan (Due 1st of Each Month August-May)

  • 1 Child - $360
  • 2 Children - $670
  • 3 or more Children - $820

Twelve Payments Plan - Must be enrolled in Autopay (Due 1st of Each Month June - May)

  • 1 Child - $300
  • 2 Children - $558.33
  • 3 or more Children - $683.33

Cost to educate each child is $7,900

SAVE 25% - Refer a NEW family to St. Matthew School or Preschool and you and the family will each receive a 25% discount per student referred (refer one student, get 25% off one of your children’s tuition; refer two students, get 25% off two students.)